Saturday, 28 November 2015

Black Friday

Black Friday is definitely not a big deal to me. Never was, never will be. But by coincidence I ended up having a day off work on Friday (yesterday), therefore I thought "why the hell not" and wen to the shops to see what was on sales. Most of the stuff I like (stationery + office stuff) were not on sale so yeah... although it was a good gander, it was really disappointing. Most stores on sales were really expensive clothes stores (and the clothes there tend to be above £100), so as soon as they are reduced you can figure that that value is still too much for your dear wallet. So no. There wasn't a lot I've took advantage of. Although I must admit I did find a lingerie store with everything at 20% and I saved there at least £12, which is really good. For once spoil myself! Overall it was great to go to the White Rose Shopping Centre without anyone else but me. To have a gander around the shopping centre from head to toe. And guess what I'm really close to find my way in and out on my own! This way I'm always learning, by being on my own. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. saudades de quando escrevias em português :)

    1. Esta bem :) eu voltarei ao Portugues... embora nao ande por aqui com tanta frequencia!! :(


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